Talent Pathways

UNC Charlotte has an established history of success partnering with the business community. Talent Pathways are a new way to deepen these partnerships by leveraging University capabilities to attract the talent you need and develop the talent you have.

Talent Strategy

Working Together to Achieve Strategic Talent Management Objectives

  • Talent Advisory Services – the School of Professional Studies offers a dedicated point-of-contact to work with company Human Resources leadership to develop and maintain a strong partnership that supports the corporate talent management strategy.
  • University Navigation Services – the School of Professional Studies offers a dedicated point-of-contact to work with company employees to answer questions and connect them to University resources including admissions, advising, and the career center.
  • Talent Pathways Development – a strategic partner from the School of Professional Studies works with the company to develop a tailored talent pathway to reach a specific talent management goal linking employees and prospects to University programs, courses, and other resources.

Talent Acquisition

Filling the Talent Pipeline with UNC Charlotte Students

  • Employer Speaker Series – the company may offer one or more student-focused presentations about the business, in-demand careers, and criteria for success in their work culture.
  • Internships & Partnerships– the company may offer unpaid or paid part-time employment for students to gain specific job experience by applying in-demand knowledge and skills relevant to the business. 
  • Career Fairs & Networking Events – the company may participate in career fairs to directly recruit candidates or networking events to promote brand awareness and meet students in a setting that is less structured than a career fair.

Talent Development

Upskilling and Reskilling Employees to Take on Emerging Business Needs

  • Academic Credit Education – the University offers 77 undergraduate and 89 graduate degree programs along with 4 undergraduate degree completion,
  • 31 graduate certificates, and flexible post-baccalaureate programs.  
  • Professional Credit Programs – the School of Professional Studies offers 41 professional credit certificates and 150 skills training courses. 
  • Custom Development Solutions – the School of Professional Studies offers customized professional development programs designed to fit specific company needs delivered by professional practitioners and University faculty.

If you would like to learn more about our course offering, browse the Employer Solutions Online Catalog.

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